PAC Powered Access Certification - CE Certification for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

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Welcome to PAC: CE Certification for Mobile Elevating
Work Platforms

Powered Access Certification Ltd was appointed as an EC Notified Body by the UK Government in September 1995, (EC Notified Body No. 545) to specialise in the EC type examination and certification of all types of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms falling under Annex IV, Section 17 - Devices for the lifting of persons involving a risk of falling from a vertical height of more than three metres - of the European Machinery Directive. As the first EC Notified Body to specialise exclusively in the CE certification of MEWPs, PAC is proud to have several of the world's largest manufacturers of MEWPs and associated equipment amongst its clients. PAC can guide you through the requirements for a technical file and as an Approved Body, can examine and certificate your machines.

In addition to its primary role as an EC Notified Body, PAC offers a wide range of specialist technical services, supported by a Board of Directors and Technical Officers, each of whom has a depth of knowledge and experience gained through direct involvement in all aspects of the powered access industry. The Company is privately owned and self-funded, with its shareholders all involved in the day to day management of the Company.

All members of the Board and staff are committed to an Undertaking of Confidentiality. All this is available to you. If you plan to sell powered access in Europe, contact us now

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