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Pre-Test Requirements: (What we need from you)

Before we can inspect and test your machine, you need to ensure that you have collated all relevant information in the form of a Technical File as described below. Please contact us if you would like advice on collating this information.

Technical File Contents

  • As part of the EC Type-Examination process, the Technical File relating to the machine under scrutiny must be verified by an approved body.
  • Main technical description including performance capability, power supply, dimensions and weight.
  • Overall drawings with main dimensions. Detail drawings of load carrying parts and components. Electrical/Hydraulic/Pneumatic Schematics. Schedule of all drawings related to the type tested.
  • Structural and Stability calculations to verify conformity with Essential Health and Safety requirements.
  • Copies of reports of tests carried out to validate conformity with requirements including stability, structural and functional tests.
  • Certificates related to compliance of bought-out components and parts. Where appropriate certificates demonstrating acceptability of manufacturing processes e.g. welding.
  • A report which records how essential Health and Safety Requirements have been addressed. A description of the methods adopted to eliminate hazards presented by the machine.
  • A comprehensive list of all standards used in the design, manufacture and testing of the machine.
  • Certificates confirming compliance with any other applicable directive e.g. Electromagnetic Compatibility.
  • Manual or Manuals containing instructions regarding machine operation and maintenance.
  • A description of internal quality assurance and control measures operated to ensure consistency with the Type-Examined example.

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